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FTTH / Hybrid Tap-off Closure


Outdoor, Mid-Span type

Hybrid Tap-off closure is working as optical splice closure and as termination panel. It means you can use it for its original purpose by splicing and protecting fiber and you can splice (join) fiber from cable and splitter in the Tap-off closure. The drop cable with Field connector will connect with the splitter then go to subscriber.

NURIFONS' Hybrid Tap-off closure protects fiber optic splice while providing fast and easy reentry. It is installed on wires, and mounted on poles. The Closure provides reliable sealing performance and fiber splices are enclosed in a ribbed polypropylene body that has high mechanical and environment

NURIFONS has total solution for its purpose like aerial type, wall type, indoor type also rack type. You can choose them for your own purpose and can make perfect fiber optic telecommunication.

Product Description

Cable splicing and connect subscriber by drop cabling

No need to move the box to assemble or install

Cover can be opened and close without any special tools, automatically by magnet

Product Specification

Product details,

# Spec NR-HOTB-MS0808
1 Dimension (mm) 234L x 137W x 54D
2 Main cable port 4ports (2 in-2 out) , Ø5~11mm
3 Drop cable port 8ports, Ø1.9-3.0mm
4 Max. splicing 8fiber
5 Splitter holder 1ea / botom holder
6 Adaptor capabilities SC/PC or SC/APC adaptor 8ea
7 Splice protector Heat shrinkable sleeve
8 Protection level IP 65

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