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    Welcome to NURIFONS
    A Leader of FTTH Market
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    FTTH Solution
    Fiber Optic Solution
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FTTH Tap-Off Closure

Fully Optimized for FTTH

Closure + FTTH Drop

Saving Labor Cost

Featured Products

FTTH Tap-Off Hybrid Closure

Core Features

Great features, great product!

FTTH Fully Optimized

From Hybrid Tap-off Closure to Field Install Connector, End-To-End Solution

High Quality

Based on ISO 9001 and 14001, operating fiber optic professional team and supplying Korea Telecom and SK Telecom, LGU+. Trust our quality!

Fast Delivery

One-stop production system

Grwoing Company

10% or higher growth every year


#1001 Shinil IT UTO, 13, LS-ro, Gunpo-si Gyunggi-do, Korea 15843